Brides Need Books

Wedding Photo Album

Pro-Line Wedding Photo Album

Here is a reason to contact every client to let them know you have a summer special on albums. If you are a bride, there has been no better time than now to use your disk from your photographer to order a pro-quality wedding photo album. Prints and albums are how you are remembered. Don’t be forgotten in the future, leave something permanent behind. Plus you get to enjoy all those special moments and beautiful flowers, your dress and the great wedding decorations every day of your life.

Oh, the big sale, 20% off all 10×10 size Pro-Line Photo Album. They even have a nice Cameo Photo Cover.

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The Modern Alternative To Gallery Wraps

Modern Alternative To Gallery WrapsStand-Outs
The modern alternative to gallery wraps without the high cost. Your valuable family memories are mounted to 3/4” black edged, light weight foam boards ready to hang.

Stand-Outs offer decorating walls with a single mounted print or multiple prints as a wall cluster or grouping.  Pre-drilled holes in the back allow easy hanging either as vertical or horizontal to offer many wall display options. Decorating walls just doesn’t get any easier that this.

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Your Future In Photography

Future of Photography – archive print boxes previous blog post. Set up a point of purchase display in your sales area showing a print box, a few prints and a sign featuring a sale on a box and 25 or 100 archival memory prints. Have a conversation with studio customers explaining archiving prints, show the importance and value of having prints tomorrow. Get people into the idea of “collecting prints” to save their memories.

Your financial future in photography is prints not novelties.  Profits from novelties are only a small tweak or bit of profit. Nothing to live on or sustain your business into the future. The real net profit is in prints.  You need to find ways to encourage prints and never let up. It’s ok to sell other stuff after all prints possible are sold.

Novelties or other non print products can be used as a lead in to book the session. Novelties should not be allowed to be the only big thing or take to much of potential sale dollars. You need to get most of the order in prints.

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What Do You Really Do?

School teachers provide a child their future.

Professional portrait photographers provide a child and parent their memories for the future.

Comment about your profession and what you ‘really’ do.

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Starting A Professional Photography Business?

How can a new photographer find clients for his/her professional photography business?

Plan out what kind of professional photography business you want, define your type or style of photography. Create a niche for yourself, something that will set you apart from the others in your area. You need to be able to educate your potential clients in the difference of your work compared to your competitors “in other words why you are worth the extra money”.

After you decide on your niche you can focus on the people in your area that are most likely to use your services and can afford them. Use your creativity in getting your services in front of these potential cusomers. As an example, you want to photograph dogs. Go to dog foster groups and volunteer your services to one or two groups. This can lead to fund raisers that you could give a percentage to the foster group.

Here are some tips
-Define your style
-Research your target clients
-Create a strong portfolio of your work
-Get a Website and Blog
-Send target clients a link to your work
-Create a promotional post card and mail it to potential clients
-Network in your community

It’s an effort but early in the process you should do a formal “Business Plan”. Working through answering a good business plans template questions will greatly increase your chances for success.

Also make sure you have all the needed licenses and insurance before you start.

You meet loads of people every day, so a key tip would be to learn how to confidently describe what you do and why your business is different when you meet people – typically in under 15 seconds. Sometimes called the elevator pitch.

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Picture Buttons – New Again! Money Makers; Profit Builders; Happy Satisfied Customers; A Win – Win

Grand kids pictures, family pictures, pet portraits, youth sports activities, all are prime candidates for photo buttons. Grandma would like either a pin on button or a magnet back button for the frig.

Selling tips:
1.  Include 3-6 picture buttons in your senior or family photo bundles.
2.  Have a button option to add on to portrait bundles.
3.  Use photo buttons as bonus ‘add ons’ to your photo print sales.
4.  Price buttons individually and as 3 and 6 button packs. These can be from one or multiple poses.

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Always on the Lookout for New Photographic Products

Wow! We are in the middle of February already. Time flys by. At DPP, the gang and I are getting ready for a great 2013 year providing products to our accounts across the Country.

DPP Always On The Lookout For Photographic Products:

As I scan the horizon for new and rewarding products to offer to you, I would be remise if I did not ask you directly as to what products and services would you want DPP to offer? I would like to hear from you. Email me at the above address or make comments on our Blog. I am sure you have really great ideas to share with me.

DPP Pricing Beats Competition:

I’m sure you recognize that our pro 8×10 price of $ .97, as far as we can tell, is the lowest in the Country. Yet, our quality is equal to the more expensive and largest labs in the Country. Our goal is to beat our professional competition both on price and quality. For those photographers looking for both low price and quality, we want to be your lab for the long term. Please forward this email on to your friends and relatives. Thank you.

DPP Looking Out For Your Best Interests:

My staff and I are always looking for keen “marketing ideas and aids” for our DPP clientele. Here is a site where you can sign up for a free-Online Marketing Guide with no strings attached. Please check out the Zenologue Site: ( and let us know what you think. We feel there are many great ideas presented that may benefit your photography business. Zenologue’s Nigel Merrick always serves up something for anyone who loves photography.

Encourage Friends and Relatives To Sign On To Discount Photo Products:

Helping us to grow through your direct efforts by means of referrals is always appreciated especially by those that are as passionate about photography as you and we are. Feel free to forward this newsletter to others. They will thank you. Let’s hear from you. Keep those ideas coming.

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97¢ 8×10 Photo Prints Sale

Everyday Sale Prices 97¢ 8x10 Photo Prints

Crazy prices and you are wondering, how can these be any good. Only your eyes will tell you, people have been greatly pleased and so will you. At this price you can not afford not to try a few prints. Unlike other professional photo printing labs offering a short term sale or special, our low prices are available all year. 97¢ 8×10 Photo Prints are a reality. 39¢ 5×7 Photo Prints and $6.70 16×20 Prints are some of the other amazing offers.

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Keep Photo Memories Handy

What keeps your photo memories right at hand and does not need a battery or the internet? A Photo Keychain and/or a Purse Hanger. Each item comes with a quality photo print of a beloved member of your family that will always be at hand. Photo keychains make great gifts for your children, parents, grandparents, the entire family. They help identify your keys from others and make a statement about your feelings for your family, you want them close.

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Classic Photo Album The Ultimate Cloud Backup

Classic Wedding Photo Albums

Classic Photo Albums

Your treasured wedding memories, in the “cloud” or in the “classic photo book”? Be doubly protected, do both. Discount Photo Products classic photo albums are top quality and very economical.

This allows today’s bride to have the best of both worlds. Modern cloud storage and classic photo prints security. Plus, holding and touching a real photo book is much more warm and fuzzy than a cold hard electronic device.

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